Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Photographs can last for a long time if cared for. Handling alone will create some damage although it may not be visible straight away. You will definitely be able to see from the repetitive handling over many decades the damage that can be caused.

Damaged Photograph Restoration

Some photographs end up in frames and although they are not being handled they will succumb to the slow torture of UV light, even if not in direct sunlight they will fade and slowly the image will vanish into the paper they were developed onto. Damage can happen despite your best attempts to prevent it.

Creases and folds can remove substantial areas of the original photo and to a certain extent these can be recovered. It becomes more difficult when faces in the photos fall foul of this – but it is not impossible.

Faded images often get a strange colour cast, lose contrast and in turn lose detail – this can be fixed but from time to time a certain amount of detail will be lost.

We can help! – Using up to date digital technology to piece together and restore your photos will mean you also have a digital copy you can print again and again.

All part of the service

As part of the process we will sharpen the image to bring out details and features possibly unseen in the original print.

Photo Restoration in SomersetPhoto Restoration in Somerset

Colour correction as seen in the above photograph is a simple task and is undertaken on black and white photos to remove the yellowing of the photo which has happened over many years.

If you like what you see and have a photo you’d like restored why not request a quote?

Photo Colourisation

Photo Colourisation

Photo colourisation is usually performed on a black and white photo, adding colour by hand to bring the photo to life. This can also be treated as a repair to colour photos that have suffered fading or colour shifts.

Hand colouring or overpainting was the easiest and most effective method for producing full colour photographs right up until the mid twentieth century when Kodak introduced colour film. Thankfully the digital age means that we can now “reasonably” quickly and effectively produce a full colour photograph from a black and white photograph. Now… I say reasonably because it’s not just as simple as colouring in. There are lots of factors to consider, light changes in temperature in both shadow and sunlight. Colours can reflect and change the colour of nearby surfaces. Consider the variations of skin tones on a single face. There is much more to hand colouring than learning the basics of photoshop.

Photo requiring restoration servicePortrait Photo Restoration

I’ll require references to hair and eye colour, as well as any other details of colours you feel are important.

A perfect gift – imagine the look on a loved ones face when they see a black and white photo bought to life with colour. If this is something you would like for yourself or a loved one then please don’t hesitate to Request a Quote and I will be in touch.

Restored Photo Gift


Those Finishing touches that make a great gift – Once your photo is restored or coloured why not opt for a print? We can supply on it’s own, mounted or framed and even in a presentation box. Providing the supplied image is of a suitable size I can even print to canvas.