Somerset Photo Restoration

Born 170 Years ago…

An amazing photo of people who experienced life so different to what we know nowadays. This couple are Edward Glover, born 1848 and his wife Sarah (nee Wheadon) born 1856 down the road from us in Aller, Somerset. Both born to Agricultural labourers, Edwards life would follow the same path. During their early life photography was in its infancy, with photographic images slowly making it into newspapers. It wasn’t until 1888 that George Eastman patented the Kodak roll film camera, 1900 before the 1st mass marketed “Brownie” camera went on sale and this photo would have been taken, albeit professionally sometime around 1920. It would be safe to say that photography never played a major part in their lives. Yet here we are in 2020, photography has shaped my life and I have cupboards full documenting several generations of family history.

Photo restoration Somerset - BeforePhoto restoration Somerset - After

These are my 2nd great grandparents… my grandfathers grandparents – that boggles my mind in terms of the scale of time. I was lucky enough to know my grandfather, and he knew his grandparents, and I have their photo – now in colour.

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